Being faithful in a dark world

Dear Sister in Christ,

This world can be overwhelming! Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed and disillusioned by all the evil and darkness in the world? We turn on the television or surf the internet and we come across so much news about death and destruction, massacres, sexual immorality and the list goes on. And we don’t even have to watch the news because around us in our daily lives, there are so many examples of man’s estrangement from God. The world is filled with deceit and lies, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, and plain selfishness. With so much darkness all around, Christians can begin to feel like all hope is lost, that we have lost the battle of helping to make this world a better place. Sometimes, we may even be tempted to give in to lure of evil ourselves.

I had one of those moments of feeling overwhelmed some time ago, and this was the revelation/enlightening I received:

  • Understand that this is a perfect opportunity for ministry. The more sin there is, the more opportunities we Christians have to work in God’s service. Remember we are called to be the salt of the earth. If there were salt and light all around us then there really would be no need for us, would there? You are where you are for such a time as this. Perhaps it is time to volunteer to teach Sunday School, because our children need good influences and good values now more than ever. Or perhaps it is time to volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, or work in a prison ministry or mentoring programme for teenagers. The fact is the more evil there is, the more hurting, marginalised and angry people there are out there. It is time to stop with the “woe is me” attitude and go do what God has called us to do, which is bring light to a dark world.

  • Understand that your essence is not determined by what is going on around you, but by God. Your identity is rooted in God. He is your compass. So, it matters little what your neighbours or friends are doing. Sure, you have a responsibility to help pull them back towards God, but what I mean is that because they choose to do certain things, does not mean you have to do them too. Because society condones and even praises certain sinful behaviours does not mean you have to engage in them, because you see, your value is not based on man’s affirmation, but rather on God’s. On that basis, you can then be firm in your commitment to strive for holiness. Why? For He, the one we get our sense of self from, is holy.

  • Remember that God is in control. I admit, I find this a bit challenging at times, because to tell the truth, it is sometimes hard to believe God is in control when in fact the prince of darkness appears to have the upper hand. But He is. We know He is because we see His acts of redemption everyday, and because no matter how much pain, suffering and death there is out there, there is also much joy, love and beauty. The heavens still declare His glory and the firmament His handiwork, to remind us daily that God is still in control of His world. And so I leave you with a little encouragement from Jesus himself in John 16:33: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Let me know, do you ever feel sad about the state of the world? How do you get past those feelings?


Daughter of a King


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