Living the Life You Dreamt of

Have you ever felt like you were in a rut, like life had become one big series of useless routines? Someone once shared with me how she was bored with her life, did not like her job, and was tired of living in the same place she had lived since childhood. Life had become routine and predictable.

Does this sound familiar? Many single Christian women gripe about their lives and unfulfilled dreams, but seem to think that everything will be miraculously solved whenever they get married. And even some of those who don’t see marriage as a panacea are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to live a changed life. They seem to think that God will just hand an improved life down to them without any effort on their part. The way I see it, you can do something to change your lives right now, or you can choose to complain the rest of your life, and believe me, no one wants to hear you whining all the time.  So here are a few things you need to consider if you really really want your life to be different from henceforth:

  • God wants you to have a purpose-filled life, but you need to take some initiative. Don’t sit around waiting for Him to send you a sign, because he has already equipped us with the talents, passions and interests to point us in the direction he expects us to go. That deep longing that you have always had to pursue a certain  path is likely to be God’s beckoning. Most importantly, God has given us His Word, which is clear on what the purpose and mission of Christians is, the most important being to serve God. In essence, make sure your goals are not at odds with God’s will and that they bring glory to Him in the end.

  • Make decisions and stick to them. Decide what a changed life looks like for you. What small and big steps do you need to get there? Having decided that, put things in place to make those changes happen: improve your qualifications, get training in a new area, apply for a new job, create your own job, move to a new location, take up a hobby, travel, something. Just don’t stray from the plan.

  • Understand that you are where you are because of the decisions you make. Sure God has determined your fate, and He does place situations or allow situations in our lives for reasons only He knows, but for the most part, it is the daily decisions you have made that have led you to where you are. If you continue in the rut you are in, it is because, without realising it, you have actually decided to do so. Every dollar you spend on say shoes or clothes you do not need is a decision not to spend that money for more important goals like house ownership, education, or an emergency fund to assist you or your family in times of crisis. We make thousands of little and seemingly meaningless decisions every day that build towards a certain outcome. Make sure each decision you make is leading you towards the future you deserve and that God expects of you.

Are you facing a need for drastic change?


Daughter of the King


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