God has a plan for you

I have decided to re-read Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. I read it years ago and while I believe that I generally live according to my purpose, I feel the need to ramp it up a bit, and I thought I needed a reminder of how to do so. Well according to Rick, one of our main purposes is to serve God. We were made to serve God. I think that explains why we often feel empty without God, because if God is not being accommodated in our lives, then we are missing out on the raison d’être of our existence.

Sometimes I get a feeling of emptiness. It’s gotten less frequent as I have tried to live a life of purpose, but it’s like every now and again if I veer off path a bit, there is a sense of emptiness in my soul that seems to suggest something is missing. It’s not like I go around thinking of what I am not doing, but this feeling seems to creep up unexpectedly like God has placed warning signals in us to alert us to when something is amiss spiritually. Sometimes, it can just be an overwhelming feeling that appears suddenly and without warning. This to me is one of the most tangible proofs that indeed we were meant to serve God.

It’s sad that the world has missed this vital fact. More and more we are becoming a self-serving world, where we have become the Gods in our own lives. We no longer wish to serve God or others. And then we wonder why there is so much hate, why so many marriages, even Christian marriages fail, why we have become murderous, why so many people are left abandoned and hurting. You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out. The thing is, little by little, we are turning our backs on God, and since God was meant to occupy a space in our lives, if He is not allowed into it, then darkness will fill it instead.

They say “nature abhors a vacuum”, so if God is not occupying the space he should in your life, what is?


Daughter of the King


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