Is Being Single Boring You?

Many single Christian women continue to think their lives are doomed to boredom until they get married and have children, since apparently  that’s when all the fun starts. Really? Have you never heard married mothers complain about their lives? The lesson here is: the grass is not always greener on the other side, so learn to make the best of your circumstances, whatever the stage of life you find yourself in.

Now I remember being a part of a conversation with other single Christian women colleagues some time ago, and we got to talking about the Bible’s restrictions on pre-marital sex. One of my colleagues proceeded to intimate that the Bible did not want us to have fun. I wasn’t aware that sex was the only way to have fun.

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, there are plenty ways to enjoy life without violating God’s commandments. These are a few of my favourites:

  • Travel. Travelling is a truly enriching experience. You are exposed to new cultures, new places and new people and in many ways you return home changed by the experience. I love exploring the unknown, and there is nothing like travelling outside of your country that allows you to do just that.

  • Music. There are so many great genres of clean music out there to enjoy. Apart from gospel or other Christian genres, reggae, classical, alternative rock, jazz, salsa and country are generally clean and fun genres to listen to. So turn up the volume, forget everything and just dance. 


Reading takes you across time and space.

  • Deep conversations with girlfriends. I love these: quiet afternoons with a few close girlfriends talking about everything under the sun, including our deepest fears and desires. It’s a most beautiful experience.

  • Reading. The great thing about reading is it can take you across geographical and temporal boundaries. Reading situates in another world, even without a plane ticket. Living vicariously through the characters that you meet, seeing and smelling what they see and smell is an unadulterated pleasure that is virtually unrivalled by any other kind of activity. If you have not read just for fun since you were a child, you are really missing out.

  • Exploring: The thing with exploring is that you don’t always even need to leave your community to do it. Historical treasures are lurking all around, depending on where you live: old colonial churches, old slave plantations or sugar works, old forts, and the list goes on. If you love history, do not pass up the opportunity to explore the history at your doorsteps. You could be surprised at what you discover.

  • Gourmet cooking. Generally, I don’t even like to cook, but if I am doing something different and exotic then cooking becomes very exciting. Not everyone has the money to make frequent visits to fancy restaurants to indulge her inner foodie. That should not be an obstacle. Most gourmet meals are deceptively simple to make, and sites like EatingWell really make preparing them a breeze. Explore your creativity this year with gourmet cooking.


                                                              Travelling enriches you (Grecia, Costa Rica).


At the end of the day, finding fun activities depends on being in tune with who you are and what resonates with you as a person. These are my favourite things. What are yours?


Daughter of a King


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