Of Burnt Bridges and Safety Nets

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Two weeks ago I spoke about having crazy faith. I really feel more and more that I am being called upon to exercise just that. I am thinking of making some changes in my life right now, career-wise, but it’s hard. It’s hard because it would require getting out of my comfort zone, essentially getting rid of my safety net, and jumping!

You know making career changes are always difficult, especially if you have a comfortable job, a great one even. Why would anyone want to give up a stable pay check and prestigious job for something unknown? It’s a question people will certainly ask me whenever I reveal my plans. It’s a question I ask myself.

I think sometimes God progressively makes your current life situation so uncomfortable that you get to the point that you know you have to change it. There is no getting around it, unless you want to be miserable for the rest of your life, or live with the regret of an unfulfilled calling. That is the stage I am at now.

Yet even while wanting to exercise crazy faith, I found myself still trying to plan my next move in a way that made sense to me. I wanted to be able to foresee and plan for each step, for each difficulty, especially the financial ones. I know it sounds obsessive, but I don’t think I am the only one who loves to be in control. So, I devised a safety net and established fall back plans, so I could transition nicely and comfortably out of my current stage into the next. It seems God had other plans though, and it is like he is burning my safety net, while simultaneously burning the bridges to the past.

So with no bridge behind me and no safety net, I find myself stuck on a cliff. Yet, the edge of a cliff is no place to live: it is inertia, it is constant uncertainty. I have no choice but to jump, with no other assurance than that God will catch me. This is scary! Is this what crazy faith looks like?


Daughter of the King


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