Husband Action Plan

Dear Sister in Christ,

So I have always said my blog would focus primarily on how to live an abundant life even while single, and it has.  Today, however,  I want to touch on a topic that is on the minds of most women, including myself, at some point: finding a husband.  While I am not particularly obsessed with this idea, the truth is, I would love to be married one day. The companionship and commitment are something I desire.

When people ask me and other single women about why we are not  yet married, I think most of us mumble something about its not being the Lord’s will for our lives just yet.  I wonder though, whether many of us might not be going about this marriage thing all wrong. I am just wondering out loud, I really don’t know the answer to this. In my home country, Jamaica, for example, I believe most Christian women are under the impression that God will drop a husband from the sky for them, a perfect man who walks in God’s ways and will adore us. Have you ever thought, though, about why God gives us the space and freedom to pursue all the other goals or desires in our lives, and yet would insist on personally finding us a partner? Why would He assume all the responsibility himself? Sure, we are talking about a life partner and thus one of the most important experiences in our lives, but I sometimes wonder whether He does not expect us to make more of an effort to find someone, in keeping with his guidebook, the Bible.

I know I for one am very lazy in that regard: I make zero effort to meet men. Between work and the rest of my activities, the idea of finding a partner always slips through the cracks somehow. Yet like me, many of us have an action plan for the other areas of our lives. We know where we want to be in five years in our careers, the material acquisitions we want in the next year (house, car), the countries we want to travel to etc. etc.  If you are an achiever like most educated single Christian women are, you put the prayer and effort into making those goals a reality. So, why don’t you have a husband action plan?


Daughter of the King


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