Is God Enough for You?

I was convicted by something I read today. As a matter of fact, it is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. 

I have always wanted to get married. Sure, I’ve never been obsessed with the idea, but I have always thought that it would be nice to be part of a commitment like that, to have someone to come home to and to have someone to take care of. I always sort of took it for granted that it would happen eventually. I mean, don’t all the fairy tale princesses get their princes in the end?

But as I inch closer to age 35, I have begun to seriously wonder whether marriage will happen for me. At first, I worried that I was running out of time. I became a bit anxious. But then a curious thing happened. God began to show me that my perspective was a bit skewed. He reminded me that my purpose has never been to become a wife or mother. Sure, those things could certainly enhance my life, but the purpose for which I was created is independent of my marital status. My identity and my calling have nothing to do with whether I have a husband and children or not. God reminded me that ultimate meaning would be found in fulfilling the unique role for which I have been created.

It is hard to explain, but there was something so liberating in that realisation. There was also something comforting, because it reminded me that even if I am never able to say “I am his”, I will always be able to say “I am His”.

Will you let God be enough for you?


Daughter of the King



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