Christmas Blues

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During the Christmas season, there are tons of Christmas romance movies on television. I don’t know; I guess people are more likely to find a significant other during this season of peace on earth and goodwill? Anyway, I was watching this Christmas romance earlier and by the end of it I started feeling a bit self-conscious and perhaps slightly depressed. It just seemed that I was being left out of all this magical encounter and romance stuff, and for a while that bothered me.

Christmas movies are fantastic and heartwarming, but their images of perfect couples, perfect families, perfect homes and perfect lives can leave many persons feeling a bit left out. For many single Christian women, the Christmas and New Year celebrations only serve to remind them of what they lack, be that children, a life partner or financial stability, among other things. Many women feel exceptionally lonely at this time and would rather just hide away until the season is over.

But what if we shifted our focus a bit? What if we started focusing exclusively on the positive things in our lives at this time of year instead of those things we lack? You may be surprised at how many reasons we have to celebrate. But beyond that, let us also remember that Christmas is a reminder that God is with us. God has not abandoned us. Immanuel accompanies us throughout the year, throughout our joys and sorrows, so we are never really alone, and certainly never unloved.

From now on, let us make a promise to see Christmas and the ensuing New Year celebrations as an opportunity to thank God for his constant presence in our lives and for his continued blessings, even when all is not as we want it to be.

Have a Merry Christmas season and a Happy New Year!


Daughter of the King





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