When Life Does Not Go As Planned

I recently turned 35. Yay me! I am so grateful to be alive but inevitably, I got to thinking about my life. I think in many ways that age represents a sort of watershed moment and so I suspect that I am not the only single Christian woman who feels the need to examine her life when she arrives upon this milestone.

I had to admit that my life has not totally gone as I expected it to. Professionally, it has surpassed my expectations really. I do have a great job that has allowed me to see so much of the world and meet people from different continents and cultures. Yet, in my personal life, things have gone a little differently. I had expected that by now, I would have been married with children, especially since after the age of 35, bearing children becomes fraught with challenges for women.

But strangely enough, I do not feel the least sense of despair. Instead, I have decided to focus on the positives in my life: the things I do have and am grateful for. And what I found is that I do indeed have so much to be thankful for in my life. I have been immensely blessed with a very supportive family, good friends, generally good health, the ability to travel the world, getting to live in an incredibly beautiful (though troubled) country, and the list goes on.

It is amazing how your perspective can change when you adopt an attitude of gratitude. You go from feeling almost hopeless, to feel incredibly blessed even if everything is not going your way.

And you, my friend, what are you grateful for?


Daughter of the King


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