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Do you ever get the feeling you were born to live an extraordinary life? Sometime ago, I spoke about being more than “normal” as Christians, that we are destined to make an impact. That argument was related to our spiritual lives primarily. But do you ever feel that you want something more than ordinary in your life overall, in every aspect: spiritual, relational, financial, intellectual, cultural, professional?

I come from an extended family where we have done quite well for ourselves. It’s a family of teachers, nurses and managers, etc. Not bad. We are mostly middle class, and we have the basics, but sometimes life is a struggle. We’ve done OK, but that’s just it: we’re average. And it’s not just my family, or my community: all around Jamaica and the world, there are people accepting ‘ordinary’.

Most people have decided to accept less than the very best for their lives. Life gets in the way somehow. We leave university or high school with our big dreams about how we want to change the world, about who we want to be, the experiences we want to have, and then somewhere in the midst of that, life happens. We get a job, maybe our dream job, but generally not. We get married; we have children; our priorities change; our finances are not what we had expected, and little by little, we let go of our dreams and accept whatever life throws at us.

Some of us even rationalise that this mediocre life we live is God’s will for us. Yes, God gave you the husband, children, job and the house, but when exactly did He tell you to give up your dreams, to give up the burning desire He placed in you to be more and to do more?  In fact, I think we often use the “God’s will” argument as an excuse so we don’t have to hold ourselves accountable for what we have not accomplished.

I will never fully understand the obstacles that other people have to living extraordinary lives, because their circumstances differ from mine. I know though that with all the challenges in my life, and the constraints, I still want more. I yearn for more than a mediocre existence that I am sure to regret. I remain a dreamer who refuses to let life get in the way. I refuse to accept that I cannot have a job I love or that life is nothing but a constant struggle. I strongly believe that God wants us to live our best lives in every facet of our existence, and that He is disappointed when we refuse to follow our unique paths and purposes.

I have decided to live my life without excuses and without regrets. “Extraordinary” has become my destination. Will you come with me?

Do not choose the lesser life.
do you hear me.
do you hear me.
choose the life that is. yours.
the life that is seducing your lungs.
that is dripping down your chin.

                            – Nejma, Nayyirah Waheed


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God has a plan for you

I have decided to re-read Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. I read it years ago and while I believe that I generally live according to my purpose, I feel the need to ramp it up a bit, and I thought I needed a reminder of how to do so. Well according to Rick, one of our main purposes is to serve God. We were made to serve God. I think that explains why we often feel empty without God, because if God is not being accommodated in our lives, then we are missing out on the raison d’être of our existence. Continue reading


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Yesterday at church, our Pastor preached about Christians being a light in the world. He said we were called to essentially dispel the darkness of this world. His message brought back a sentiment that dogged me most of last year: a sense that I am not living up to my full spiritual potential and that I am not fully living out that glorious purpose to which we are all called. Do you ever get that overwhelming sense that you are meant to do so much more than you are currently doing?

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