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Society has a way of leading women to believe that they are somehow not valid human beings until they are either married or become mothers. No matter how successful you have been in your career, academically, or otherwise, none of that ever seems to matter.

Hello, my name is Ally, from Jamaica in the West Indies, and I utterly refuse to accept that I am somehow incomplete because I am not a wife or mother. I enjoy my single life, which I see as just one of the many stages that life has to offer. I also firmly believe God can use each of us to accomplish his purpose whenever and wherever.

This blog is my way of reaching out to other single Christian women, especially those who struggle daily with issues of loneliness and hopelessness. I cannot help you to find a husband (obviously, I am no expert in that department); rather, what I do have some “proficiency” in is living my best life right here, right now. I try daily to live my God-given purpose and to do the things that make me happiest. My personal philosophy is: “no excuses, no regrets”. This blog is about celebrating life…together. This is about helping each other to understand that we are complete just as we are, because our true worth comes from God.

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