What I Love about Peru


Dear Sister in Christ,

Making the best of your life as a single Christian woman involves finding and living your God-given purpose. But it also involves indulging your passions, doing the things you love, all in keeping with God’s will, of course.

It’s no secret to those who know me that I love to travel! I love exploring new places, cultures and languages. I also love to travel around my own island and connect with its breathtaking beauty, its friendly and hospitable people and just get away from it all sometimes.

Today I want to share one of my overseas trips with you, to Peru in South America. I haven’t travelled a whole lot, like the people who write all those travel blogs out there, but from what I’ve seen to date, Peru remains among my absolute favourite countries. It resonates with me in a deeply spiritual way because it is a destination that encompasses so many of the things I love to see and explore. Here’s why I love Peru (photos are mine unless otherwise stated):

Saksaywaman (4)
Inca citadel  Saksaywaman
Macchu Picchu (2) - copia
Inca fortress of Macchu Picchu
  1. Archaelogy –  Peru has a mindblowing number of archaeological sites left behind by several pre-Columbian civilizations. Think Inca, Tihuanaco and Moche, etc. Ruins are everywhere. In the capital Lima, you can dine at a 2000 year-old pyramid right in the middle of the city! In Cusco, virtually everywhere you go you’ll be bumping into ruins of ancient cities, fortresses, spa resorts and temples.  And of course, to top it all off, Peru is home to one of the world’s most fascinating attractions, the Inca fortress of Macchu Picchu! It doesn’t get better than that.



Causa limeña, with potato, tuna and avocado (Photo: Recetasgratis.net)

  1. Next up, the food. This is what you call glorious food! This was especially true for Lima. Literally everything I ate there was divine! This included the hotel food and even the grub I had from a hole-in-the-wall place in downtown Lima . And it wasn’t just the taste of food that was so great; it was also the creativity, the blending of sometimes unlikely flavours. Peru is a lab of food creativity and innovation. Peruvian Novo-Andean cuisine is definitely the next big thing.


Andes with snow

Snow-capped peaks of the Andes

  1. The breathtaking naturalscapes. The snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains, the serene beauty of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a meandering Urubamba River, Peru leaves you in awe of God’s marvellous creation. Perhaps the most spectacular of all is the Macchu Picchu mountain itself and the surrounding peaks. No photo or description could ever do it justice. It has to be experienced.


Chincheros (1)

Native women in Chincheros showing traditional weaving techniques

  1. The culture. Peru is home to diverse cultures. Several indigenous groups, as well as the oft-forgotten Afro-Peruvians have helped to create a kaleidoscope of languages, cuisines, music, dances and rituals.


Jesuit Church- Cusco (4)

Jesuit Church, Cusco

  1. The architecture, especially the churches. Peru’s colonial history is well preserved in its architecture. The Spanish influence is everywhere, and it is gorgeous. The adobe churches in Cusco stood out especially for me, like the Jesuit church shown above. The details on these buildings are truly sensational.
What are some of your favourite places to travel?


Daughter of a King



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